Purpose of the Site:

LegalRFQ (Request For Quotes) connects mid-market companies or individuals facing complex legal projects with law firms looking for their business via an easily managed Request for Quotes process. How it works:

  1. Post your project without identifying information.
  2. Law Firms submit their quote.
  3. Review the quotes via your client portal and decide who to interview further, at that time LegalRFQ is no longer part of the conversation. 
For Companies & Individuals:
How do I post a Project?


  1. You purchase a one year membership, $1000 for companies, $250 for individuals, which then allows you to fill out a Project form stating what you are looking to get done that requires legal assistance. Your membership entitles you to post twelve projects.
  2. Your Project details are not to have any identifying information included. Your Project is posted anonymously. 

Once I post a Project, what happens next?

Law Firms are then able to view your Project details. They decide if they want to submit a quote for your work. When a quote is submitted you are notified via an email that you have received a Quote for a specific Project. You may then log in to the site, go to the Project and either download or view the Quote.
Am I guaranteed to receive a certain number of Quotes?

No, you are not guaranteed to receive a specific number of Quotes.
What types of legal projects are covered?

For a full listing click on the downloadable PDF, click here.
Does LegalRFQ vet or qualify or recommend Law Firms to work with?

No, LegalRFQ does not. Law Firms or Attorneys that are members of the site have signed a terms and conditions document stated they are licensed in your jurisdiction to practice law.  We trust in your ability to critically review each Quote you receive.
I have a question about a Quote I have received but do not want to identify myself to the submitter. Is there a way for me to ask them a question anonymously?

Yes. When a Quote comes in you are aware of what Law Firm has submitted the Quote. Via the Project Details Page you can submit a question, anonymously, to that Law Firm. The Law Firm receives an email informing them they have a question about a Quote. It is their decision to answer or not.  Should they answer that information is available via your Control Panel.
What if a Law Firm has a question they want to ask me before they submit a Quote? Are they able to do that?
When you set up your Project you can toggle on or off the Questions Function for Law Firms. If turned on they can submit a question, anonymously, about the Project. You then receive an email informing you of a question for a particular Project. You are not required to answer the question. However, should you answer the Question and Answer is posted as part of the Project Details. This has the advantage of saving you the time of answering the same question twice. You also have the ability to toggle on or off Questions as long as the Project is posted.
How long can I post a Project for?
For two, four or six weeks. You can then repost the Project at the end of the expiration date.
Is LegalRFQ involved in any way once I start a conversation with a Law Firm?
No, LegalRFQ is not involved in any way from that point on. Once you make contact with a Law Firm LegalRFQ is not part of that conversation or any time thereafter. We are strictly a Project listing service.
For Law Firms & Attorneys:
What is the fee to join the site and have the ability to submit Quotes?


  1. For a Law Firm the annual membership fee is $1000 for each city you have an office staffed by an attorney more than 32 hours per week.
  2. You must then purchase a Quote Package for the ability to submit quotes:
    1. The fee for 50 Quotes is $5000.00
    2. The fee for 60 Quotes is $6000.00
    3. The fee for unlimited quotes is $12,000.00
  3. If you are an employee of a Law Firm and want your own account (Individual) the only Quote package available is Unlimited for $10,000.00. (Includes annual membership fee)
  4. If you are a Solo Practitioner the membership fee is included in your Quote package and your Quote packages available are:
    1. Fifty quotes for $5000.00 (Includes annual membership fee)
    2. Sixty quotes for $6000.00 (Includes annual membership fee)
    3. Unlimited for $8000.00 (Includes annual membership fee)
Prior to submitting a Quote am I able to ask the submitter a question about the project?

If they have the Question functionality turned on for the project you are permitted to submit a question. At that time your question becomes part of the project is a viewable by all members.  However it is submitted anonymously. The submitter is not required to answer the question. Should they answer the question the answer is also posted with the project for all members to view.
What constitutes a Quote?
You are able to submit more than one PDF Or Word file. You may include marketing materials and other information pertaining to that project. It must also adhere to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to as a member of the site.
If I don’t use my Quotes during that twelve month period do they carry over?
No, they do not.
Am I able to purchase more quotes should I use them up before the twelve months are over?
Yes, you are able to purchase an additional Quote package at any time. They are only valid as long as you have a membership in place. The Quotes expire twelve months from date of purchase.
Is there a guarantee that I will receive a response from any Quotes I submit?
May I cancel my membership and receive a full refund?
You may cancel your membership and receive a full refund if you have not uploaded any Quotes. If you cancel after that event (uploading of a Quote) you do not receive any refund of the membership fee of Quote package purchased.
Do you make any recommendations to the Submitters as to what Law Firms or Attorneys to engage or review?
We are not in any way involved in the selection of Law Firms or Attorneys for review or further investigation.